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NYU - Interactive Tech Program

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Live Web - 2016

Advanced JavaScript, webRTC, sockets, real-time video, chat and audio communications. Theory on broadcast versus internet mediums.

Labor in a Mobile First World - 2016

Building apps around the sharing economy, on-demand online labor markets (MTurk, FancyHands, TimeSvr) and humans in the loop artifical intelligence.

Open Data/Web Dev - 2016

Working with open data and web development techniques.

Data in Conflict - 2016

Data sourcing, verification, design and visualization in conflict.

Physical Computing - 2015

Planting sensor and microprocessors (arduinos) in physical spaces and making them compute. It's a phenomennal area of technology that brings surfaces, objects and interfaces alive. It gets more exciting when that interaction goes over the web.

Intro to Computational Media - 2015

JavaScript is an important medium of art. Pixels are beautiful, data is vast, chaotic but can be made visually beautiful. We learned computing fundamentals, like if/else statements, for-loops, arrays, objects, functions. Then moved onto creating beautiful projects with JSON data and APIs. You also get to work with inspiring JavaScript libraries that manipulate microphones and other sensors embedded in laptops and mobile phones.

Visual Language - 2015

Adobe Illustrator, photoshop and visual design fundamentals are covered here.

Video & Sound - 2015

Everybody knows how to work a camera, but not really. You learn the tech behind professional cameras(photography and video), microphones, audio recording devices and making movies using Adobe Premiere Pro.