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contains information about my HTML file like dependencies, linked files etc. More information here: (this element is required in an HTML document)
div just means something. It's a container. By default it's rendered square. No descript tags. No styling.
new in HTML5. Gives search engine better tools to know what's on the web page. AKA semantic elements tags.
get text bold

have 5 pixels on top and bottom

dont use this italics tag because do this in CSS < img src="path/goes/here" width="400"> my link _blank opens in new tab (not same window)
Divs take two things. IDs and Classes. ID, you can only have one and it should appear only one-time on your web page.
Don't do that. This will over-ride anything in the style sheet.
I am a div but by default in-line block. I will render nicely in-line with something else.
    stands for unordered list. You will see bullet points
  • ordered list or Bullet points
  • <- style.css is where your css code is hosted.