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Click here to see a moving smile please use Chrome if you have trouble seeing it in Firefox

##Moving Smile Documentation

1/ p5 is an environment similar to text editor with a library of pre-defined functions, variables for JavaScript (e.g ellipse(), arc() etc
2/ p5’s predecessor at ITP (until Summer 2015) was Processor
3/ Within p5: Learnt and applied ‘function setup()’ and ‘function draw()’
4/ ‘function setup()’ runs once, hence useful for defining “entities”
5/ ‘function draw() runs in loop infinitely’
6/ Week1 work was to build a simple smiley face on a canvas that moves across the x-axis.
7/ Made use of two ellipses set apart on x-axis by 10 points of equal dimensions to represent eyes
8/ Made use of arc as a smiley
9/ Input var eye1, var eye2, var smile on the x-axis of ellipses and arc respectively
10/ Input assignment operation of +1 on x-axis to make the smile move across canvas
11/ Code snapshot attached below

12/ Copying moving-smile/ p5 project folder onto /_assets in Jekyll code did not work
13/ Copying moving-smile/ to main director in /osamasehgol did work!
14/ Tested locally on Chrome, successful
15/ Uploaded JavaScript library + .js file successfully