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Witness App

Witness is an app that video records injustices and shares them realtime with a network of activists via SMS, Twitter and push notifications. App is opensour...

Witness App

In protest situations things are unpredictable and can turn ugly very quickly. At that time it’s useful to have documentation of real-time events. Gathering ...

education Aid

This infographic compares aid allocation for education by country; between years 1971 and 2007. If you click on the image you will find that it’s noteworthy ...


contains information about my HTML file like dependencies, linked files etc. More information here: (thi...

Yourself over the extension

I wanted to build a chrome extension that enables an individual to broadcast themselves (over video+audio). Chrome extension injections can disrupt text and ...

Data-in-conflict-4 https://c...


7 person data set for terrorists https:...


Self-study from week2 (18th Feb 2016)

Data In Conflict 2

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Intro to Data in Conflcit

It’s refreshing to note that Data sourcing and vizualization is making an impact in conflict zones. Here are a couple of very interesting points in this read...


The difference between GET and POST requests is GET is for passing name:value pairs as strings from the browser to a webserver. Whereas POST requests send do...


Callback Hell

After the problems I was having with understanding the structure of Node and its frameworks (https, express etc) I picked up the The Node Beginner Book by Ma...

Transistor and H Bridge Lab

##In this lab I get the motor working with 1 second delay with help of a transistor. In the second part I use an H Bridge.

Prototyping & playtesting

For my final project I decided to program a door knob to generate a series of interactions. It was inspired by one of the readings I did in this course. The ...


###This is a summary post, a more detailed one will be posted very soon. Sorry about that. Please don’t use headphones while running this sketch, it’s depend...


####Concept Osama & Dan O’Sullivan watch over weather changes in cities Osama’s lived in. Literally. ####Process For this assignment I work in p5 with ...


I have seen the future. And in that future, mums can “nag” their children remotely. While sitting in the comfort of their homes with a controling knob that r...


####Intro Ellipses are easier to manipulate compared to triangles because they only have one set of cartesian co-ordinates. Here I introduce variables to rep...

Moving Smile

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