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For my final project I decided to program a door knob to generate a series of interactions. It was inspired by one of the readings I did in this course. The summary is, it was a shame that our gestures with devices and technology have been reduced to pressing down on glass screens and sliding - what could a grip do? So that was that - a door knob, gripable, something I do every day and there are millions of these in the world, and that interaction could do with a disruption!

I had initial ideas on what I wanted the doorknob to do, like turn on the lights, get the kettle to boil (that’s something I’ve wanted for myself especially on chilly nights) and toggle these interactions from a browser. But that wasn’t serious business, and I had deep thoughts on how mundane this woudld, but I went to Home Depot and got myself a couple of door knobs (one with a lock and the other without).

{insert doorknob picture}

Lo & Behold - play testing!

Playtesting helped alot! Here’s why:

  • I was able to explain my idea to others, reinforcing my faith in the smartknobs practicality or applicability.
  • With their responses I was able to come up with more scenarios or uses for it (below). These came about with discussions as well as myself elaborating on them a bit more:
  1. Lights going from dim to high
  2. Shower turning on
  3. Closet door opens (inviting you to put your jacket/clothes in)
  4. A placemat/bucket which indicates that it’s time to put your keys, wallet etc so you don’t lose them.
  5. Set an alarm
  6. Receive a reminder because Siri doesn’t do GPS reminders very well (reminders can be, call Mum!)
  7. Crack window open
  8. Play music
  9. Flip the TV on
  10. Access keys to frienflies

Some interest came about through exiting and having a doorknob trigger a series of interactions.

  1. SHUT down everything was the most popular.
  2. Make sure gas stove is off.
  3. Fridge door is closed properly.
  4. Security alarm gets activated/make sure door is locked properly.
  5. Make sure all the lights/computer systems are off.
  6. Dishwasher ran ONLY if it’s 80% full (basically apartment starts taking care of itself)
  7. Check-in from afar if there isn’t a break-in. Notify police if there is.