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Today’s Hero:

Displacement by annoying the workforce, I don’t like it. Displacement by making their job irrelevant - improvement in technology for example (automated voice technologies).

Sometimes it’s hard to be against an organization without being annoying to the worker (Uber). Disruption in unions due to technology, like Uber.

Agamben Face Gaze. Appearance becomes a problem to human beings because its a struggle for truth.

What catches somebody’s attention. drove alot of traffic. When you filter open content people start responding and dont post profanity as much.

Jamal Combes, Design input on how high the table was, or the poster design (versus hand written) made an impact on who came and built. Legos are pretty universal, dont need to put the board in any language.

There are somethings that you rebel against that your parents, particularly your dad did. Zoe’s dad was a computer security person (put in a hidden secret name, Alison). She went on Craigslist and offered to share her location.

How you act differently when you’re being observed. If you’re sharing location with a stranger who is in the same city (coincidentally neighborhood) - its weird.

There is one person, one lego kid, one location sharer, one drunk selfie person. 1 person talking to Skylar for 2 hours. Open ended questions are inviting to get people talking.

Mr. Plimpton’s’ Revenge: A Google Maps Essay, in Which George Plimpton Delivers My Belated and Well-Deserved Comeuppance

Interaction, public space vs personal what defines it. Is FB a public space. You become a communication between the physical location and the

Leon: People enjoy sharing the music. Having a splitter, you can get personal with them without taking over. First year of iPod, in Central Park people would exchange pods and music because iPods were novel. Don’t talk, super intimate moment.

How does Humans of New York guy get people to talk to him:


Two readings

And then choose them from one of two APIs.

  1. HPI Assignment (Human Programming Interface) - run it continously for one week
  2. Creative mis-use of the API

DroneStream TrackingTransience

API is a social contract that determines who has power over data.

Face to Facebook, People felt in this project their faces were being repurposed against their will.

This is really interesting,

Clicking Whatever Button likes all like buttons available on the page.

Liking everything = being undecided

Pete Warden how to split up the US.

Hell is Other people, Good way of misusing API, makes you less social not more social.



Pizza Party, order pizza on a commandline:

Look under Tools to circumvent programming shortcomings. is an IFTTT for scraping websites

REPL - read eval print loop (not a concept in C++, YES in JavaScript and Python).

Twitter API:

GET endpoints, retrieving something from the server

POST endpoint, sending something to the server