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  • 7 person data set for terrorists
  • FODA - Fear of Deciding Alone
  • Microsoft Ghetto App ->
  • Guide to Paris,
  • Center of gravity, starbucks,
  • Clarify API > image tagging,
  • Image to text from u.toronto >

  • Extensions take a system and build on to it.

  • Sara Hendren > assistive technology (all tech is assistive), old person body suit
  • (revamping handicap symbol)


  • Big barrier to my name > how can i Make it easier? Like parapalegic.

  • Embedding code (hankie code) only people you want to see this know about it.
  • Hobo codes - nobody used them
  • SCI-HUB is awesome,, they are breaking walls behind academic journals

  • YouTube: The Internet’s Own Boy, Aaron Schwartz
  • ArtZilla, replaced things in the browser (kind of like wearing colored classes) like blacking out biber’s name

  • Facebook demetricator, <- removing numbers does something!
  • Putting line fown for autistic to focus interaction,
  • Screambody - bullshit
  • Off the shelf eye-tracking, (back and forth between DIY democratized technology and consumer facing technology)

====== Browser Extensions ======