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I wanted to build a chrome extension that enables an individual to broadcast themselves (over video+audio). Chrome extension injections can disrupt text and HTML and I wanted to use that on Facebook first. We all hate Facebook, well, all real people hate Facebook, its utility is a compromise we’ve made even though we know it disables social interaction; functioning instead as a tab-keeper and news resource.

Yet everytime I login, it still asks me what’s on my mind. It’s not redundant when I think about it, I actually used to let it know. That’s one question that’s always been there - but now it gets lost so easily in birthdays, trends, notifications, menu bar, advertisements, and of course the self-praise everybody indulges in to forage social currency.

So. I decided to inject Facebook with an extension that removes all content and simply asks what you’re thinking. If you start typing it prompts you to talk about it in a broadcast