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###Design Analysis - PIA Ad from the ‘60’s

####Intro This PIA (Pakistan Int’l Air) ad from the 1960’s marries modernity with tradition ((one of the first jet engined airline connecting N. America to Asia which was, at the time, known for its hospitality).

####Elements The primary elements (dominating 2/3’s of the ad) are three images calling to attention the airlines message in sequence

1/ The first image is of a jet airplane in a vertical motion signifying mobility

2/ Next is a captain with a confident/reassuring smile

3/ Final is hostess posing in an (perhaps) flirtatious manner

The captions underneath each image complete the story of the images in one sentence. The block of text below that is juxtaposed next to the logo so the eyeball movement goes to the logo before a descriptive message.

####Grid The pictures are attached to the captions but they do not break momentum only because of the symmetry of the layout which emphasizes union between captions and images. The bulky text at the bottom and the logo are an after thought.

####Font & Colour What I noticed about the font was that it was clear, well spaced and not dominating the conversation in the ad. What The Font detects this as Lorimer No. 2 Condensed Medium OR Carnova Narrow - given their names it seems they’re really understated. Also, Googled for PIA’s logo font to see if there are derivatives.

In the images, the color of the jet and its streaks in white against a dark background (sky) convey a meaning of experiencing something unique. A uniformed person with hands folded against a white background convey warmth. The airhostess in a non-contrasting background, with a smile, conveys a message of neutrality best used to convey hospitality and non-interference.

The airline did really well in that decade.