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###This is a summary post, a more detailed one will be posted very soon. Sorry about that. Please don’t use headphones while running this sketch, it’s dependent on a microphone.

####Concept Today, we’re going to listen to some Pakistani music and map its sound signature with color.

####About the track This track is a blend of Indian classical instruments, sufi lyrics and also some western music. The pixels on the right change color (HSB specifically) as the music plays. The camera capture’s video pixels are supposed to change too (but that didn’t work sadly). When the woman starts singing at 1:25, the signature changes, it’s quite interesting to see that especially towards the end (after minute 5).


First hiccup: Used a video track of the same song (mp4 and mov format), didn’t work so embedded youtube clip with DOM.
Second hiccup: To use FFT to map pixels on canvas, didn’t work so used Mic input to map instead.

Third hiccup: Unable to set video camera pixels to work.