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What is interaction?

Agreeing with Crawford, it is new territory. And Bret Victor is right - alot of interactivity is browser or device based and involves limited gestures and it’s worth protesting about. However, I am in conflict about it, because I feel that human beings have a tendancy to do a maximum number of things with minimum effort (we make amazing things just to be lazy). In 3 “clicks” (of ordering McDonalds online), I have baked a bun, slaughtered a cow, employed a person to grill it and slap on cheese and lettuce, and put a village to work to make its packaging - but I have really just fed myself.
I call that interaction.
The way we are behaving with devices (and devices are behaving around us - flying drones that run with you to make your movie), we can’t ignore the economic impact that it is creating. The more digitized our expressions get, I get excited and disturbed (at the same time) about what power we are unleashing. What could, for example, a “Power Grip” create in the real world.